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Government Relations

Althing was founded to support cannabis businesses with their government relations and regulatory affairs needs, and our GR team is a core part of Althing's consultancy.

Althing co-founder and Principal Consultant, Ian Dawkins, has over a decade in government relations experience, including work in both the public and private sectors. Our consultants are key stakeholders in numerous government/stakeholder consultations pertaining to cannabis legalization at the federal, provincial, and municipal levels, and are at the forefront of regulatory reform in this sector.

What are some of the projects Althing can help me with?

  • We can help you build municipal support for a new cannabis businesses in the community

  • We can represent your cannabis dispensaries before Boards of Variance, or at municipal hearings and other nonjudicial bodies

  • We can help your cannabis businesses navigate new government regulations + talk to regulators

All cannabis businesses are different, and each one has a unique government relations need. Whether you are trying to acquire new genetics for your licensed cannabis production facility, talk to your provincial government about applying for a cannabis retail license, or talking to your local government about a development permit for a new cannabis production facility, Althing has the unique skillset to make your plans a reality.