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Security Planning + Project Management

Starting or expanding a cannabis business is not easy, and comes with a set of unique challenges. The first consideration is security.

  • How will you secure your business, both physically and digitally?
  • How will you meet the significant regulatory requirements imposed by multiple levels of government?
  • How will you meet the requirements of insurers, banks, landlords, and others?

Althing Consulting can provide a wide range of custom solutions for each of these problems, starting with expert advice. Althing offers the services of a CPP-certified security consultant with more than 25 years of experience, as well as a team of security auditors and project managers, each with extensive experience in the cannabis sector.

The Althing team can design security plans for ACMPR production facilities, cannabis retailers, and a host of other specialist applications. If you need a cannabis-focused security project completed on time and with insurable results, we are here to help.

Beyond security, there are a host of other operational and planning elements that must come together for a successful cannabis business. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) must be prepared for Quality Assurance and growing personnel, and documentation prepared for each position.

Each of these elements requires managing tight timelines and precise requirements, often with unexpected challenges or regulatory roadblocks. Navigating these waters takes experience and expert knowledge, which is what Althing provides to our clients.